• Clecell Co., Ltd. is a BIO platform firm that is paving the way for a new future in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine through the use of cutting-edge 3D bioprinting technology.

    Clecell Co., Ltd. is a BIO platform company that is forging a new future in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine with cutting-edge 3D bioprinting technology.

  • Clecell's research and development is based on 3D bioprinting technology, which leads to innovation and development in the disciplines of life science, medical care, and regenerative medicine, as well as research and development for a sustainable future.

    The Celluid bioink series is being developed by the research team at Clecell Co., Ltd. to explore the healing and regeneration of damaged tissues and to create customized scaffolds. Organoids, which are 3D organic material systems that have been carefully generated, offer a variety of applications in the domains of tissue engineering, disease research, and medication development. Clecell's research team is also employing induced pluripotent stem cells to produce skin cells and artificial skin models."

  • We commercialized the first 3D bioprinter in the world that could precisely stack low-viscosity biological materials in three dimensions, and we are constantly developing new products and broadening our product line based on this technology.

    - Bio ink suitable for research applications
    - Human skin cells derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSC)
    - Artificial skin using skin cells derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSC)

  • Bio Printer

    We have commercialized the world's first 3D bioprinter that can precisely build low-viscosity biological materials in 3D.

  • Bio Ink

    For research purposes, you can create any type of tissue, from soft to hard, using this freeze-dried bioink.

  • Skin Cells

    Human fibroblasts and keratinocytes, which are key raw material cells for making artificial skin, have been stabilized and commercialized.

  • Artificial Skin

    It can replace animal testing in cosmetics, drug toxicity and efficacy testing, skin research, and other areas because it has a form and response that are highly comparable to those of human skin.


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