U-FAB™ is a 3D bioprinter containing the highest level of performance in existence and can assist researchers in attempting research in unprecedented boundaries. With its capability of printing 15 materials, divergent methods of polymerization, temperature control for each individual submodule and build plate, and cell homogenization function, it enables a wider range of biomaterial to be printed in a three-dimensional structure. Additionally, its touchscreen PC, with its built-in biosafety cabinet, microscope, and software, maximizes the user’s convenience.

U-FAB™ is composed of six models in total, and the user may make customized orders by choosing the appropriate modules for their research purpose. Additional information for the modules and submodules in each model are listed below.


U-FAB™ Line-up

  • Basic        : U-FAB™ with U-BIOLET™ module
  • Basic +    : U-FAB™ with U-HYBRID module
  • Expert     : U-FAB™ with U-BIOLET™ & U-BIOXT™ – HV modules
  • Expert + : U-FAB™ with U-HYBRID & U-BIOXT™ – HV modules
  • Pro            : U-FAB™ with U-BIOLET™ & U-BIOXT™ – LV modules
  • Master     : U-FAB™ with U-BIOLET™ & U-BIOXT™ – LV & U-BIOXT™ – HV modules