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Clecell Co., Ltd. holds "Save Ralph" National Assembly exhibition to mark WDLA.

* Time: 2022 Apr 27th - 29th

* Location: National Assembly of South Korea


The 3D bioprinter U-FAB ACTIVO was displayed by Clecell Co., Ltd. at the National Assembly exhibition "Save Ralph," which took place there for three days from April 27 (Wed) to 29 (Fri).

The "Save Ralph" exhibition was held on the second floor of the National Assembly building on April 24 in observance of World Experimental Animals Day, which called for the Animal Alternative Test Act to be passed on April 27. Rep. Nam In-soon and Korea Humane Society International (HSI) organized the exhibition, which featured 23 lawmakers from both the ruling and opposition parties as co-hosts. The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and the Osong Advanced Medical Industry Promotion Foundation also sponsored the event.

At the show, we had the opportunity to personally examine animal replacement testing techniques including organ chips, human cell tests, and 3D printing testing techniques. Clecell Co., Ltd., who was in charge of the 3D printing test procedure at this event, installed U-FAB ACTIVO to highlight U-FAB ACTIVO.

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