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Bio-Japan 2022 Convention

  • Date: October 12-14, 2022

  • Venue: Pacifico Yokohama

Clecell Co., Ltd. (CEO Jeon Kyung-hwi, Lee Dong-hyuk) showcased their 3D bioprinter U-FAB ACTIVO at 2022 Bio-Japan. The event, which is Asia's largest biotech conference, took place at Pacifico Yokohama in Japan from October 12th to 14th.

Bio Japan, Regenerative Medicine Japan, and Health tech Japan were held simultaneously to expand cooperation in the biotech industry in Asia through one-on-one partnering meetings, exhibitions, and seminars. The event was attended by 633 participating companies and more than 40,000 visitors. It was a trade show in which professionals responsible for research and development, business development, and partnership affairs of pharmaceutical and biotech companies participated.

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