2018 - 2019
Creating a 3D bioprinter loaded with decades' worth of research experience in tissue engineering
  • Completed patent transfer from Professor Seung-Schik Yoo (January)

  • The injection device of the cell solution, followed by the 3D artificial biotissue molding device and molding method (Patent No. 0818494)

  • Professor Seung-Schik Yoo Technology Transfer and Development Cooperation (January~)

  • U-Printer Patent – 5 cases (October)

  • Harvard Medical School, and Women’s Hospital SRA(Sponsored Research Agreement) Contract (November)

  • Dermatology Cooperation at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital
     - Artificial, Culture R&D (November~)  

  • U-Printer  Ver.1  Product Completion (December)

  • U-Skin Model test output (December)

  • U-Skin sample testing and product planning (January~)

  • U-Bio ink Development (March~)

  • Collaboration with Global top-tier Cosmetic Companies(March~)

  • Skin Model R&D Collaboration with US government agencies for burn treatment (May~)

  • U-Printer Ver.2 (Module) Product Completion (~June)

  • U-Printer Ver.2 Release and Pre-Sale (July~)

  • Construct U-Skin Production System (July~)

  • Sell U-Skin Model Samples (October~)

  • Release U-Skin Model (November~)

  • Sell 4 U-Skin model types to university hospitals, laboratories, cosmetic companies, and pharmaceutical companies (January~)

  • Expand U-Printer Module (24Channel~) (~July)

  • U-Skin New Model Development (~September)

  • Establish a global tissue engineering network by using  labs and U-printer platforms from major universities such as Harvard Medical School, Seoul National University, and Emory University. (~December)