In order to meet the demands in burgeoning field of dermatological therapeutic discoveries, we are spearheading research in developing artificial human skin models with unprecedented complexity.

Our Artificial Human Skin

The skin is our largest organ as a main barrier against the outer world.

The aging skin requires constant attention in the form of skincare products and cosmetics. Enhanced in vitro testing capabilities brought on by our proprietary bioprinting technology and U-ASkin™ product lines provide ideal solutions for the creation of skin therapeutic agents, including cosmetics.

We also anticipate that our product lines will become an effective test-bed for drug development to cure various  skin conditions, for example, atopic dermatitis (eczema).


U-ASkin™ Line-up

  • Epi-D  :  Epidermis skin model

  • EpiAirway : Tracheal/bronchial-epidermal model

  • FTSkin : Full-thickness skin model

  • FTSkin-C : Pigmented full-thickness skin model

  • FTSkin+ : Full-thickness skin model containing dermal epidermal junction

  • FTSkin-G : Partially glycated full-thickness skin model

  • Ato-D Model : Atopic Dermatitis-like full-thickness skin model