We will trailblaze the field of personalized and regenerative medicine with our revolutionary bioprinting and tissue engineering technology.

U-FAB™ Bioprinting Platform

The most precise and versatile bioprinting platform

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What We Do

At CLECELL, we sculpt the future of medicine and biotechnology.

Not just your average 3D artificial skin models

Our 3D bioprinting and tissue engineering platforms enable the creation of more realistic in vitro skin models, paving ways towards a future where animal testing becomes obsolete.

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Patient-specific, individualized in vitro reconstruction of 3D cancer models

Our high-throughput bioprinting platform allows for patient-specific creation of in vitro 3D cancer tissues and organoids for rapid testing of new and existing chemotherapeutic agents and modalities. 

Continued innovations of our state-of-the-art bioprinting platform

We continue to innovate our bioprinting platform for on-demand, high-resolution, high-throughput manufacturing of artificial human tissues, organoids, and beyond.


Our Collaborators

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Joint research & development with the best in the field

We are conducting joint research and development with universities, hospitals, and research facilities worldwide. We aim to provide patient-oriented, customized treatment solutions in various medical disciplines at rates that are beyond anyone's expectations.

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