Predicting individualized in vivo responses to anti-cancer therapeutic modalities using our 3D cancer models

We measure individual responses to various anti-cancer drugs using in vitro 3D cancer tissue.

Our high-throughput bioprinting platform can rapidly construct individualized in vitro 3D cancer tissues from tumor cells obtained during biopsy procedures. Prior to use in the patient, different types and doses of chemo- and radio-therapeutic modalities are applied  to the in vitro cancer tissue. Based on the derivation of optimal therapeutic strategies that are tailored for each patient,  cancer patients will benefit from most effective treatment having minimal side-effects.

The same bioprinting platform can be used to engineer a cancer model in determining the effectiveness of new form of therapeutics during R&D and pre-clinical phases. 


Our 1st Clinical Research Model

  • Skin Cancer Model - Basal Cell Carcinoma

  • Breast Cancer Model – Ductal Carcinoma

  • Prostate Cancer Model - Prostatic Adenocarcinoma